Thursday, June 10, 2010

VTech - Smartville Train Station

  • Come to the SmartVille Train Station and go on an amazing interactive learning journey!
  • Includes lots of animal and object interactive play pieces
  • All animals in the range interact with hotspots to call out names, colours, sounds and lots more!
  • Press the animals or objects onto the hotspots for different responses
  • The alphabet train track calls out letter names, sounds and related objects
  • Light-up LED display shows letters, numbers, shapes and fun animations to reinforce learning
  • 5 colourful piano keys to play tunes and teach colours and shapes
  • Clock with movable hands calls out the time when moved to learn time concepts
  • 2 modes of play teach letter names and sounds, objects, animal names and sounds, colours, shapes, numbers and time concepts
  • Requires 3xAA batteries (included)

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