Wednesday, July 21, 2010

LeapFrog Roll & Rhyme Melody Block

Lovely eye catching play block for any baby. This music is not at all annoying as some other toys can be, and you even find yourself singing along!
  • Tactile activities - a lion with a crinkly mane, a fish with shiny scales, soft leaves that open, a mirror moon, a polar bear that slides back and forth, a fox that hides in its hole - encourage your baby to explore during play.
  • And every tumble and turn of the block introduces rhymes, rhythms, animal names and colours.
  • Learning Skills:PHYSICAL - Soft textured fabrics and bright colours encourage baby to touch and explore. GROSS MOTOR - Rolling the block on the floor encourages gross motor development. SOCIAL & EMOTIONAL - Character faces attract and engage baby, helping to encourage early social interaction.

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