Sunday, May 23, 2010


Product Description

Interactive, magic ball moves on its own. . . catch it if you can Special built-in motor activates to make the ball roll around, promoting crawling. Limited and controlled movements mean that the ball stops within reach. Press the chunky buttons to hear fun music and animal sound effects. Transparent colourful buttons for a fantastic light up effect Teaches numbers, shapes, and colours and promotes motor skill development. Female singing voice helps children develop and familiarise with real sounds. Tactile Stimulation -Chunky engraved animal buttons are fun to touch and explore Visual Awareness -Bright, colourful animals stimulate visual development -Flashing lights and rolling movement help to develop visual skills Motor Skills -Rolling motion encourages baby to crawl, while pressing buttons helps develop fine motor skills Discovery and Exploration -Discover numbers, shapes and friendly animals while the ball rolls -Babys own actions activate the ball - watch it roll around by itself. Parent Friendly Feature -Automatic shut-off preserves battery life -Volume control switch for quieter playtime -Durable design for longer-lasting play 6 - 24 months

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