Saturday, May 22, 2010

Vtech Alfie Bear

Product Description

Cuddle Alfie, the friendly talking, teaching bear, and learn with him too Alfies tummy is a touch sensitive alphabet pad with picture buttons that teach phonics, letter names and objects while his paws teach shapes, colours, numbers and size concepts. Choose from 4 activity modes for age-appropriate learning, 26 familiar melodies and exciting sound effects. Encourages letter and sound association, cause and effect and includes an across modequiz to encourage repetition and memory skills. Independent Play Interactive teaching helps your child play independently. Cute cuddly bear character makes learning safe and fun as well as mentally stimulating. Language Development Phonics Introduces the alphabet, phonics and beginning letters. Expands vocabulary with introduction of age-appropriate words. Discovery and Exploration Buttons with lively and colourful pictures attract and entertain your child. Lots of activities, sounds and friendly phrases bring Alfie to life. Features - Automatic shut off preserves battery life - Durable design for long lasting play - Interative teaching helps your child play independantly -

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